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Delivery times vary from 3 to 35 days, based on the destination country. Typically, packages should arrive within 2 weeks of dispatch for most countries. The postal system’s unpredictability has led to packages reaching the USA in just 10 days, while occasionally taking 35 days for France. Unfortunately, delivery times can be somewhat inconsistent, and there is little we can do to control this.

At present, we accept only Bitcoin and PayPal for payments. While we previously accepted direct credit card transactions, it consistently resulted in our bank accounts being blocked

Due to the high costs of international bank transfers and tobacco vendor restrictions imposed by credit card networks, these payment methods are not accepted.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows transactions without involving a central bank. It offers freedom, enabling you to make payments to us without requiring any authorization.

Fortunately, numerous services offer Bitcoin, as highlighted in our brief guide. If you encounter any issues or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you!

We deliver globally, with a few exceptions such as North Korea, Eritrea, or Iran! We offer a free shipping option, and other options include $15.00 per carton for TNT and $8.99 per carton for EMS.

Indeed, we provide tracking. However, please note that a signature is required during the collection or delivery of shipments.

The package is a clean, white padded cardboard parcel, often from Moldova, other Eastern EU countries, or even Hong Kong. It resembles a packaged book, and there is no mention of tobacco on the exterior.

We highly discourage this, as you may not be able to collect your package from the post office (if they hold it) without matching identification. As a result, the shipment could be lost.

In most instances, our packages do not require a signature, but it depends on your local postal carrier. If you are not at home during delivery and the package doesn’t fit in the parcel door chute, you will need a valid ID to collect it from your local post office. This is also why we advise against using fake names when placing an order.

We understand your concern due to our low prices. Rest assured, the cigarettes are 100% genuine, sealed, and produced by their respective trademark owners at various factories across Europe. The products on our site are manufactured in Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, or Moldova, depending on the brand. We purchase directly from major wholesalers, bypassing intermediaries. All cigarettes include legitimate excise stamps, as we pay the relevant duty excise taxes locally. Please note that warning messages on the packs may differ and could be in Romanian or Ukrainian languages.

Our low prices are due to procuring and shipping from economically underdeveloped Eastern European countries, where cigarette prices are significantly lower than in Western countries. The disparity in living standards across the world allows for this arbitrage opportunity to exist and be exploited. Understanding the factors that influence cigarette prices in the West is also helpful in explaining the difference.

Contrary to popular belief, buying cigarettes online and receiving them through the mail is entirely legal. If you have concerns, we encourage you to research this topic independently. If you find any law prohibiting online cigarette purchases, please inform us.

It may seem that way, but we are simply taking advantage of an economic arbitrage opportunity. Cigarettes are considerably cheaper in Eastern Europe, and we give you access to those prices with a small markup for our efforts.

The short answer is generally no, but it depends on where you order from. Countries like the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and France rarely require our customers to pay taxes, even when customs inspect the parcels. In other countries like the UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, excise duty is sometimes applied, but infrequently. In some cases, paying us and the requested tax still costs less than buying the same cigarettes locally, with only around 10% being inspected.

We don’t offer refunds for excise duty payments for two main reasons. Firstly, we want to discourage fraudulent practices like altering seizure notification letters. Secondly, we aim to maintain low prices by sharing the minimal seizure risk with our customers instead of increasing overall prices to cover refunds. In most countries, this risk is minimal or negligible, and the final price often remains lower than local market prices.

If you live in a country with strict customs and are unhappy about paying tax on a stopped package, you can legally refuse the parcel, and it will be sent back to us. We then resend all returned mail to the customer free of charge.

Due to the nature of the online tobacco industry, we can only resend orders free of charge if they are returned to us or proven lost. For repeat customers, we may consider making an exception.

Yes, we do offer wholesale discounts. However, please be aware that reselling tax-free cigarettes locally may be illegal, while sharing with friends and family is generally allowed.

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